The History of Kombucha

While the jury is still out as to exactly when and where kombucha originated, there are heaps of great stories about it.

Many say kombucha was first created in China’s Qin Dynasty way back in the 221BC when it was called ‘The Tea of Immortality.’ It seems to surface again in 415AD Japan when an ailing Emperor was nursed back to health by a Korean physican who perscribed daily doses of the tea, or ‘cha’. The doctor’s name was ‘Kombu’.

Kombucha’s first official recorded history begain in Ukraine and Russia during the late 19th century where it’s known as ‘grib’ or ‘tea kvass'.

A more recent story emerged after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 when doctors noticed some people seemingly immune to radiation. Amazingly, scientists identified regular consumption of kombucha as the common thread among them, many of them being elderly women.

So there it is, a fairly confusing history really! We recommend forgetting everything you’ve just read and starting your own history with kombucha.


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