Venue Spotlight: Poke Poke Mermaid Beach

Venue Spotlight:  Poke Poke Mermaid Beach

We've jumped on this Poke bandwagon in a big way, and with good reason, they are delicious, vibrant, so nutritious, and go so well with a fresh Bucha.

Poke is all about the good stuff: cured raw fish served on a bed of rice (brown, white and even green) and served with a stack of fresh veggies makes these little bowls not only filling, but oh so tasty. Oh, and they’re totally gorgeous, so expect to see them blowing up on the gram!

Take a quick tour through their colourful warung.  And pop-in if you're heading through Mermaid Beach!


poke poke mermaid beach bowl


Poke poke mermaid kombucha

 Head to the Poke Poke site to start your Poke journey! 

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