Bucha Cocktails: KOMBUCHA MULE

Bucha Cocktails:  KOMBUCHA MULE

 To follow on from last week's refreshing Garden Daisy cocktail, we've got one for the lads.  The Kombucha Mule plays in the tangy space, and it does so with a kick.  Lime juice, gin, and bitters feature to give your taste buds a palette-invigorating jive into flavour country!


45ml Archie Rose Signature Dry gin
15ml Lime Juice
10ml Demerarra syrup
2 Dashes Angostura bitters
5 Mint leaves


Built in glass topped with crushed ice and swizzled
Top with kombucha

Glass: Collins 
Garnish: Mint sprig & Angostura bitters

Kombucha mule cocktail

kombucha mule bitters cocktail


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